Our free Xerox eConcierge program is easy to install and use. It allows you to order supplies for all of your eligible equipment (Xerox, HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother) with just a few clicks. As long as you continue ordering supplies through Xerox eConcierge, we’ll provide free service coverage for the life of your Xerox hardware.

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Staying up with technology can be hard on a small business budget. When the need for a new printer arises, you must balance the business benefits with the costs. With the Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan, you can get a new Xerox printer completely free when you sign up for a technology-as-a-service plan. Now that’s smart business.

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How It Works

The Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan is not a lease. You select a Xerox printer—for which you pay nothing—that meets your unique business needs and puts the best of today’s technology at your fingertips. With your free printer also comes free service* and support from Xerox.

Free Service When You Need It Even with the renowned reliability of Xerox technology, you may have questions or experience a problem. When that happens, you can rely on the free service and support that comes with your plan to keep your office and up running.

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Watch a video for instructions on the banner printing for this School Communications Pack.

OKIDATA School Communications Pack

OKI has created a unique and simple way to allow schools to offer color in the classroom – the School Communications Pack. Developed specifically as a printing solution for K-12 Education, the School Communications Pack is a DVD filled with over 100 predesigned teaching tools and templates for teachers to be used with the banner printing capabilities of our HD digital color printers. The DVD contains banner-sized files, up to 52" in length, that educate students on popular school subjects, including the Periodic Table of Elements, Overview of Major Wars, Life of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Human Body. Educators can print these files right from their PC or Mac and have engaging instructional materials for their students at any time.

In addition to materials for the classroom, the School Communications Pack DVD also contains printing templates available to schools to be customized for special events, such as Fall Concerts, Talent Shows, Science Fairs, and Back to School Night. These files can be personalized using Microsoft PowerPoint and give both teachers and students the ability to create personalized banners, specific to their school.

The School Communications Pack DVD is only available from OKI. When your school evaluates one of our stunning digital color printers, you will receive a free copy of the School Communications Pack plus 25 sheets of banner paper. To order a complimentary evaluation digital printer to bring learning to life in your school, click below to download the request form for your school.

Watch a video for instructions on the banner printing for this School Communications Pack.