Our free Xerox eConcierge program is easy to install and use. It allows you to order supplies for all of your eligible equipment (Xerox, HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother) with just a few clicks. As long as you continue ordering supplies through Xerox eConcierge, we’ll provide free service coverage for the life of your Xerox hardware.

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FREE COLOR PRINTER. FREE SERVICE. It’s time to advance your office

Staying up with technology can be hard on a small business budget. When the need for a new printer arises, you must balance the business benefits with the costs. With the Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan, you can get a new Xerox printer completely free when you sign up for a technology-as-a-service plan. Now that’s smart business.

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How It Works

The Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan is not a lease. You select a Xerox printer—for which you pay nothing—that meets your unique business needs and puts the best of today’s technology at your fingertips. With your free printer also comes free service* and support from Xerox.

Free Service When You Need It Even with the renowned reliability of Xerox technology, you may have questions or experience a problem. When that happens, you can rely on the free service and support that comes with your plan to keep your office and up running.

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JB Print Solutions offers up to 100+ pages per minute, multiple color options and numerous exclusive multiple brands offerings. These include:

* Access to an extensive line of new, World Class products

* Document Management Solutions

* Software Solutions including DocuShare, Scan flow Store and Scan to PC Desktop

* Commitment to environmental sustainability

* Pre-sale on site assessment

* Leasing delivery and installation

* End-user training

* Cost Per Click Program

* On-going technical service

* On-going customer service

* JB’s Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

JB Print Solutions has the ability to offer their clients a wide variety of Printing products and services. JB Print Solutions can leverage the power and flexibility of technologies, channels, and document knowledge to increase their client’s business efficiency. Together they provide their clients the widest range of offerings and end-to-end solutions enabling cost reductions and improved operational efficiencies.

JB Print Solutions’ ability to offer higher-end multifunction systems, which creates greater margins and selling opportunities. JB Solutions levels the playing field, enabling their sales reps to have the resources of multiple brands as their selling partner.

The JB cost-per-page pricing program allows end-users with flexible, affordable, monthly service and supplies contracts based on the number of pages their customers print. JB provides professional guidance, products and programs that focus on solving business problems for their clients.

The iNNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Program is able to sell or lease Multiple Brands of equipment in one smoothly integrated transaction. With JB Print Solutions as their office imaging partner, clients have access to:

n Full line of Multiple Office Equipments n Supply inventory thru JB Field service staff n Delivery and IT installation n End-user training JB Certified Service Technicians n Easy lease documentation n Prompt lease approval

JB Print Solutions can arrange for a no charge document assessment performed at the customer’s site. The JB program includes “Give us 20 minutes and we will save you up to 20% on your document costs.” Once these savings are established and the sales rep obtains the client’s authorization and lease approval, JB Print Solutions’ support staff structures the entire interaction.

Larry Adeva has a lifelong history within the office equipment industry. He worked at ABD Office Machines in Southern California alongside his brothers Benny and Carlos. Their father Roland Adeva also managed copier dealerships in Southern California. They wanted to expand into a growing area that did not have extensive Multi-Brands coverage. Larry joined in a partnership with his brothers, Benny and Carlos to form JB Print Solutions in Southern Nevada.

Larry explains, “Las Vegas is an area of enormous growth. JB PRINT has an extensive service and marketing background experience working with multiple partners and other office equipment products. From a business point of view, the need for working with people and companies that are trustworthy and professional is vital. Partnering with my brothers in Las Vegas is the perfect blend.”

In 2007, after a lifelong connection with the copier / printer industry in Southern California, Larry and his wife Chona, moved to Las Vegas with their two boys John Paul and Adriane. They worked with Multi-brands of equipments to help customers in printing needs.

Larry explains the business side of JB. “I am frequently out of the office doing training, sales calls, and taking an active part in customer relations. It is extremely reassuring for me to know that Chona is keeping the backend of the company running smoothly. Chona brings a blend of marketing savvy and organizational expertise. As Operations Manager she is able to maximize the efficiency of the business side of JB Solutions while always keeping in mind the time sensitive needs of our clients. For every situation that arises, Chona is a vital member of the JB Print Solutions team.

On working relationship with JB Print Solutions, Larry Adeva and his team will take care of everything. Whatever the situation, Larry will make sure my requests will be handled quickly and effectively. Larry Adeva has a history of earning the trust of his clients because he takes the time and effort to ask questions and he listens to the answers.

Larry’s proven work ethic and personalized care of each client was officially recognized by printing industry. This designation recognizes an elite number of individuals who have the industry and end-user knowledge and reputation to be recognized as a trusted printing advisor. Larry and his group continually go the extra mile for their customers. JB Solutions has the unique blend of a highly trained IT staff with a strong pedigree of copier, printer, MFP and industry knowledge.

JB PRINT SOLUTIONS consistently earns high scores for their product innovation and customer support. The JB legacy of Next to None superiority speaks for itself. JB Print Solutions’ clients continually receive a full range of document handling solutions through the use of multiple products that fit their needs.

Please call Larry Adeva for all your Complete Document Solution and Equipment needs.

Contact JB Print Solutions 4080 E. Post Road. Suite C-3 • Las Vegas, NV 89120 tel: 702.203.0482 • 1.866.618.6668 • 702.448.3974 • fax: 702.448.3170 • email: