Our free Xerox eConcierge program is easy to install and use. It allows you to order supplies for all of your eligible equipment (Xerox, HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother) with just a few clicks. As long as you continue ordering supplies through Xerox eConcierge, we’ll provide free service coverage for the life of your Xerox hardware.

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Staying up with technology can be hard on a small business budget. When the need for a new printer arises, you must balance the business benefits with the costs. With the Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan, you can get a new Xerox printer completely free when you sign up for a technology-as-a-service plan. Now that’s smart business.

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The Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan is not a lease. You select a Xerox printer—for which you pay nothing—that meets your unique business needs and puts the best of today’s technology at your fingertips. With your free printer also comes free service* and support from Xerox.

Free Service When You Need It Even with the renowned reliability of Xerox technology, you may have questions or experience a problem. When that happens, you can rely on the free service and support that comes with your plan to keep your office and up running.

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Watch a video for instructions on the banner printing for this School Communications Pack.

OKIDATA Control Printing Costs

Control Print Costs

With budgets always a concern, unlimited access to color printers in schools can be a problem. K-12 schools struggle with how to control printing in color and how to restrict printing. OKI has the ability to let schools monitor and control printing using color with select color printers and MFPs (multi-function products) by defining who can print in color and what gets printed.

Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM) makes printing in color cost effective for your school. It allows administrators, teachers and/or computer lab technicians to control printer usage by determining who and what can print in color, in black & white or not at all. CAPM lets you assign access levels by user name, PC/server name, application, file name and web sites. Once your policy is configured in the color printer, CAPM determines how – or if – incoming jobs will print. All policies are password protected for added security, which allows you to change policies in real time for special projects and classroom assignments.

In addition, CAPM gives you the ability to acquire job logs from your OKI color printers, enabling printer monitoring, so you can analyze how the devices are being used – everything from user name to application to the number of color or black & white pages printed. It's data you can use to develop new policies or judge the effectiveness of your existing policies.

With Color Access Policy Manager, offering color printers for schools and, therefore, color in the classroom is now a reality. Get the impact of HD Color on your print output – not your print budget. View a video of an OKI Senior Marketing Manager discussing OKI's Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM).

With Ringdale FollowMe and PaperCut printing solutions, schools can monitor the number of prints, control color usage, and supervise single and double-sided printing.