Our free Xerox eConcierge program is easy to install and use. It allows you to order supplies for all of your eligible equipment (Xerox, HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother) with just a few clicks. As long as you continue ordering supplies through Xerox eConcierge, we’ll provide free service coverage for the life of your Xerox hardware.

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FREE COLOR PRINTER. FREE SERVICE. It’s time to advance your office

Staying up with technology can be hard on a small business budget. When the need for a new printer arises, you must balance the business benefits with the costs. With the Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan, you can get a new Xerox printer completely free when you sign up for a technology-as-a-service plan. Now that’s smart business.

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The Xerox® Small Office Savings Plan is not a lease. You select a Xerox printer—for which you pay nothing—that meets your unique business needs and puts the best of today’s technology at your fingertips. With your free printer also comes free service* and support from Xerox.

Free Service When You Need It Even with the renowned reliability of Xerox technology, you may have questions or experience a problem. When that happens, you can rely on the free service and support that comes with your plan to keep your office and up running.

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Watch a video for instructions on the banner printing for this School Communications Pack.

OKIDATA Color In The Classroom

Color in the Classroom

As an industry leader in printing solutions for education, OKI gives you the ability to bring learning to life with color printing while being able to control printing costs. When it comes to printers for schools, independent research has shown that color in the classroom increases student learning by as much as 78%, while also increasing students’ willingness to read and participate by up to 80%*.

With OKI color printers and color MFPs (multi-function products), you will be able to utilize colorful K-12 educational materials that have shown very measurable advantages for students when compared to black & white, such as:

  • Color documents increase learning and retention by 78%* – a vital difference in making the most of limited classroom and homework time
  • Color reduces errors by up to 80%* – it focuses student attention where it should be
  • Color helps students locate information 70% faster* – color highlights points on a map or chart, or key details in a lesson
  • Color increases comprehension by 73%* – this enables teachers to deliver lessons their students will understand more quickly and more deeply

We realize the delicate balance of providing an excellent education within limited budgets, which is why our color LED printers were designed with printing for schools in mind – they yield thousands of pages at a fraction of the cost of inkjet printers. In fact, OKI has performed hundreds of print fleet assessments identifying an average potential print savings of 25% in the education segment alone. What’s more, our color LED printers are faster, quieter and more reliable than inkjets. Download our BIG Color notebook to see all the benefits of offering color in the classroom with OKI.

* Study by Ellen Hoadley, Ph.D., Laurette Simmons, Ph.D., and Faith Gilroy, Ph.D. of Loyola College